Our Competencies
Independent, Experienced Senior Officers and Committed Young Professionals
What sets PAM apart in the Indepedent Advisory Industry
  • 28-year track record
  • Independent Fundamental Analysis
  • A U.S. Registered Investment Advisor under section 204 of the U.S. Investment advisers Act of 1940, dated June, 2003.
  • Code of Ethics, Pre-clearance, Best Execution Report, and Best Sales Practices, Cybersecurity & Privacy policy
  • Original Macro, forex, interest rates, yield curve in-depth analysis and well-informed opinion.

Solid Corporate Structure
  • Senior Equity Portfolio Manager & Macro and Debt Strategist
  • Two analysts and assistant Portfolio Managers
  • Four fundamental analysts
  • Two trainees
  • Compliance & Operations
  • Business development & administration
  • Investor Relations
  • Outsourcing: accounting, systems, auditing
  • Independent Board of Directors
  • Compliance with Mexican and U.S. standards
  • Code of Ethics
  • Pre-clearance
  • Best Execution Report
  • Best Sales Practices
  • Cybersecurity policy
  • Privacy policy

Portfolio Management
Fundamental Equity, Macro & Debt Analysis
Client Reporting
  • Portfolio management process
  • Independent fundamental analysis
  • Investment Committee
  • Compliance & Operating Process
  • Macro & Debt Reports
  • Assessment Reports
  • Adviser’s Reports
  • Independent fundamental research through 6 analysts and two trainees
  • Quarterly Value & Growth Investing book with a 5-year historical database for at least 60 companies
  • Proprietary Buy & Sell methodology
  • Well-informed macro and debt analysis.
  • Investor Relations
  • Dailies, weeklies, monthlies, semi-annual, annual, and customized reports

Independent, Experienced Senior Officers and Committed Young Professionals

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