Investment Vehicles

PAM’s investment strategy is always searching for attractive investments in the universe of 160 companies in the Mexican Stock Exchange, and covers approximately 60 companies with a quarterly in-depth, in-house data analysis and a disciplined quarterly revision.
PAM´s investment philosophy follows a high-quality growth and special situation stocks focused on the company’s intrinsic value and qualitative and ranking criteria. The investment strategy includes investment themes derived from Mexican companies’ characteristics and their investment objective’s evolution over the past +25 years.

Investment Themes include 1) High-quality growth stocks (profitability, investment yield, and energy-related stocks) and 2) Special situations plotting high discounts to their previous 5-year average valuation. (Usually stocks misunderstood by the market).
Our Investment Philosophy ranks solid corporate governance, transparent accounting, or less liquid stocks, regardless of their weight in the Benchmark.

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